Wade Harris Illustration and Graphic Design, located in Charleston, South Carolina

Brand Design

Successful brands come from the partnership of creative and strategic thinkers who are dedicated to achieving a visually clear message consistently. Are customers inspired by your brand — inspired enough to make a purchase? Can you demand premium prices or do customers trade you out? Can you attract and retain the best and brightest employees? Are you the leader in the category? A great brand could help with all of the above. If you answered no to any of these questions, Wade Harris Design can help you with your brand solutions.

Capabilities: identity design and implementation, brand architecture and strategy, corporate logo design, icons, character brand design / illustration, style guides and graphic standards.

“Take my factories, take my people, take everything ... and tomorrow I’ll go to any bank in the world, put this bottle on the table, and I can borrow four billion dollars.” — Bob Woodruff - former Coca-Cola chief executive

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